what is Gangsaw Segments

//what is Gangsaw Segments

what is Gangsaw Segments

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Gangsaw Segments

Braba Machinery gang saw

Gangsaw Segments

Regatta Exports manufactures tiles, cutter slabs, gangsaw slabs, countertops, tabletops, monuments and stone articles for the international customers.

Regatta Exports – Setting a Benchmark in Kashmir White Bullnose Fabrication
A horizontal band resaw is used to convert thick slabs or flitches coming from the band headrig into boards and/or dimension lumber which are subsequently routed to a twin saw edger for edging and then to the gang saw trimmer for trimming purposes.

Maximizing the value yield of short-rotation southern pine timber
Late in 1997, we took a major step in our program of modernizing the antiquated plants at our Amherst quarry with the addition of an 80-blade Gaspari Menotti gangsaw and a Natale Parma lathe.

American Stone Shareholders Elect Six Directors, Approve Other Proposals at 1998 Annual Meeting
The company manufactures slabs, gang saw slabs, tiles, countertops, monuments, and stone articles using premium-quality granite, sandstone, limestone, slate, marble, and quartzite stones.

gang saw


(Mechanical Engineering) a saw having several parallel blades making simultaneous cuts
gang sawyer n
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014

Gang Saw,There are two kinds of machine called Gang saw, one is frame-saw, use gang saw blades with its gang saw segments to cut, the other one is big gangsaw, use abrasive slurry and steel bits to cut.

Usually frame-saw is commonly called gang saw, but another kind of big stone cutting machine is called gang saw too. Both of them are made in Italy mostly, Italy quality is always trustiness. Please see the photos of two kinds gangsaw at the bottom.

Gang Saw,Frame-saw and Gang saw are used for cutting stone block, like granite and marble. It can also cut through thick concrete and slabs of other quarried blocks of stone such as soft stone limestone, or travertine into desired sizes.

Gang Saw,Frame-saw is composed of diamond segments, or small bits of diamonds that are embedded onto the edges of gangs saw blades. Here, in order to assist in the cutting of stone blades, water is used as an abrasive medium to help cooling down the blade instead of steel bits.

As the gangs saws blades cut through the blocks of stone, the gang saw that is used may not cut into a straight path because of its abrasive action causes vibration to the gang saw.

As a result, the stone slabs that are cut using these types of gangs saws blades differ in thickness within one stone slab. These types of gangs saws blades are economically used for granite cutting, or to cut any other hard stone that does not require even sawing finish.

The purchase of diamond gangs saw blades cost more, but produces quicker sawing action. This type of gangsaw(frame-saw) is normally used for marble and concrete cutting, which is popular in developed countries and the area abound with marble.

BIG GANGSAW is another type of gangs saws, which is used for cutting stone blocks by using a form of solution called abrasive slurry. The working units are abrasive slurry and steel bits.

The abrasive slurry contains tiny steel grits that are injected on the surface where the cutting is to take place. these steel bits that creat friction when it makes contact with the surface that is to be cut, and assists in ensuring that the blocks to be cut are trimmed evenly.

The steel bits eventually lose its abrasiveness as it is applied its strength to the gangs saws blades. When this happens, more abrasive slurry is added along with the old portions of abrasive slurry.

BIG GANGSAW Careful attention must be placed when adding abrasive slurry: too much or too little slurry may lead to uneven cuts on the stone’s surface, then the cutting result won’t be satisfactory. This type of blade is normally used for granite and limestone cutting.

The abrasive process used by these gangs saws blades are cheaper than other type of blades; however, it takes more time in block sawing. Most of Chinese granite factory use this kind Gangsaw to cut the slabs.


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